Renny Harlin to screen ‘Five Days of War’ in Cannes

‘Five Days Of War’ (5 Days of August) starring Andy Garcia, Rupert Friend and Val Kilmer will get its screening on Wednesday in Cannes.

Director Renny Harlin will be present at the film’s screening followed by an exclusive after party. The film takes place during the brief war between Georgia and Russia focusing on an American Journalist and Georgian native who get caught up in the conflict.

Renny Harlin’s previous films include Die Hard 2 starring Bruce Willis, The Exoricist: The beginning, Cleaner, and Deep Blue Sea.

The Cannes Film Festival has many out of competition screenings that are not in the selection catalogue. With so many premieres and theatre’s outside of the Palais showings, there are always more ‘gems’ to be discovered. Are you down in Cannes? What will you go and see this year?

Five Days of August trailer

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