Best modes of transport to show off at a red carpet premiere

With the World premiere of Transformers 3 behind us, and the glamour of the red carpet close in our minds, isn't it about time indie filmmakers took some extra steps to make their movie premieres that extra bit special?

You may have just recently shot a short or feature length movie, and want to get a cinema screening to really begin promoting your movie. Well, there are several additional steps you can take to enhance the experience. If you can afford a little extravagance, here are some over the top elements to include in your red carpet premiere.

1. Camels or horseback

Why drive up to a theatre when horse or camel will do? Maybe your film is set in ancient Egypt or you just have an obsession with horses that shows no end. Drive up in a horse and carriage to get the public's attention. The press love a good roast, and the more buzz you can generate from your ridiculous premiere the better.

2. Hot air Ballon

Now you might have landing permissions to get, but if you are having an open-air theatre, why not arrive with your main cast from the air in a hot air balloon? If you don't like the screening, or the boos become too much (I hope you made a good film) you can always take off again.

3. Elephants

Is there an African safari twist to your world premiere? Is there a larger than life animal that you would like to stop by on? Ok, this might be a little over the top if you are premiering a period piece drama in the centre of London, but it's a good start

4. 3-Wheeled cars

If you are living in the UK and remember that 80s favourite; the three wheeler, then you know how to make a grandiose entrance. With 3 wheels, you can far exceed the coolness of any 4-wheeled vehicle. What was the name of that thing again?

5. Rickshaw

Now were just going indian style. A people carrier with personality. Why not? If you are in Mumbai this might be all too common, but over in Europe or the US, a rickshaw would add some class. Hey, we don't see it as a sign of 'poverty'. In fact, the rickshaw is quite romantic, and is one of history's great transport inventions.

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