Reaction to Miley Cyrus Bong video leak

LOS ANGELES, USA - Disney star Miley Cyrus faces scrutiny from a leaked video showing her smoking a bong at a party.

The young singer and actress was seen lighting up and subsequently smoking a herb called Salvia, which is legal in California but banned in Delaware.

How the video was obtained is unclear but according to TMZ which aired the video, it had been stolen from a close friend who happened to be filming her at the party.

Although the Bong incident could be regarded as a setback for the star's image, she may face unfair criticism because of her fame and influence on younger teenagers despite the fact she did not break the law. However the very leak of the video itself was done so with little respect.

Media reaction to Miley Cyrus incident

"Alright Miley you're off the hook this time but next time you should really be careful what you do and who you do it around. It's only a matter of time before more scandalous pics of her are leaked." -  Hollyscoop

" it looks like she's stayed on the right side of the law." -


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