Reaction to Mel Gibson's The Beaver at SXSW festival

The Beaver had its world premiere at the SXSW festival in Texas yesterday receiving mixed reviews.

With the ongoing controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's personal life, The Beaver was a highlight for the man otherwise facing a difficult time in his career. Some critics have lashed out at Mel Gibson personally rather than the film itself, which is not a constructive judgment.

Jodie Foster had praised her collaboration with Mel Gibson in 2010 when the leaked tape rant against former girlfriend Oksana became an international news story. She also defended him at the world premiere of the film.

It is too early to tell whether The Beaver will be something of a box office success, but the SXSW festival provides a major publicity boost for Jodie Foster's picture, and will likely help it ahead of its cinema release.

Reviews of The Beaver at SXSW

This is an ongoing debate that boils up around people like Phil Spector, Roman Polanski, and Michael Jackson: Can we and should we enjoy the art of people who are personally morally reprehensible? - TheAtlantic

A risky bet that pays off solidly, Jodie Foster's The Beaver survives its life/art parallels to deliver a hopeful portrait of mental illness that while quirky is serious and sensitive. - Hollywoodreporter

The Beaver is a tame, leisurely drama that neither provides the beleaguered actor with decisive comeback material nor further muddies his tarnished image - Indiewire

The Beaver trailer at SXSW

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