Reaction to Justin Bieber on Vanity Fair magazine

Justin Bieber continues to be the most popular kid on the earth, and following his Vanity fair magazine article, it seems people can t get enough of his wisdom.

While the youtube star might only be 16 years old, he has captivated millions with his incredible success story and rise to fame from his webcam singing.

Is it really possible in 2011 for Justin Bieber to be more popular than Michael Jackson? We think so, but then again, at such a young age, who knows where this will go. This is uncharted territory for our industry, and also, for JB.

Your views on the Vanity fair magazine story

Justin Bieber on the front cover of Vanity Fair is a testament to how much the young star is relevant in pop culture. But whether idolized or hated, he has created something new.

You can bet that these girls are going to save their allowances to buy the magazine and their parents aren't going to think twice when they see the issue lying around the house. He's a boy, after all, and it's perfectly acceptable for him to show that he's a sexual being no matter what age he is. - Time

It's a big deal for Justin, and by his own testimony it was one of the more intense interviews he has ever subjected himself to. The whole package is an impressive step forward for Bieber, who will likely see his star rise even higher in 2011 with a new film (the 3-D biographical and concert flick "Never Say Never"), new music and a number of other multimedia projects. MTV

So congratulations, Vanity Fair, you're officially responsible for the first over-hyping of Justin Bieber in 2011. - Washingtonpost


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