Producer Jeff Dowd aka 'The Dude' declares war on the minimum wage

Dowd makes a public appeal

Producer Jeff Dowd, who inspired the Coen Brothers to invent 'The Dude' has written an open letter to the entertainment industry calling for a significant change to the American minimum wage.

Writing to his fans on Facebook, Dowd made a passionate plea about American workers and how they struggle to make ends meet and why the issue matters to the entertainment industry. The message from his words is clear : Change is needed.

In his own words, Jeff Dowd makes his public appeal :

'The Dude' has spoken

"Attention everyone in the entertainment industry

I dont know how to say this without sounding patronizing or preachy

The US economy must change dramatically to survive without severe strain and pain being inflicted on the majority of Americans.

The fight for a reasonable minimum hourly wage or livable wage be it at MacDonalds or Walmart has a direct relationship to the entertainment industry.

If that fight is.won it is a symbolic step in the right direction of America and if we lose that fight and others like it

You yes you can count on your showbiz career being a lot tougher and possibly over.

Anyone who isn't an activist fighting for a better planet at this point is just another fool on the mad speculators joy ride off the cliff.,

This can be the best of times if we join together.

Don't be a wanna be fool.
Be a winner by joining together, imaging what is possible and making it happen.
All for one
One for all!
The Dude Abides!"

The reality of the minimum wage

There is no doubt that the debate about giving people a respectable minimum wage is important, and that companies need to recognize the hardships that ordinary Americans face, to make ends meet. From Walmart to McDonald's, American workers face long hours and low pay on a national level. In one report, restaurant waiters earn a tipped minimum wage of $2.13 per hour, and rely on food stamps to get buy.

What kind of message does that send to people who want to work hard and make a good living?

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