Pinewood studios to invest big money in new talent, receives praise

2010 was a painful year for the British Film Industry as the new government axed the UK Film Council, cut the arts budget by 30% and left young filmmakers with no place to turn.

Fast forward to today, and not only is the BFI becoming the new vehicle for British movies backed by lottery funding, but now film studios are investing

Is the UK a shining example of profitable filmmaking? We think so. With a highly skilled workforce, and great business ethics, British filmmakers and talent can deliver sensational movies.

Pinewood Shepperton studios have announced they will be investing up to 20% stakes in British Films, with a maximum of 4 pictures a year. Their production budgets will be around £2 million.

The worldwide success of The King's Speech was given a chance to succeed thanks to the former UK Film Council. With Oscar Glory, a £150 million worldwide box office, and Royal support, it has proved to be one of the industry s finest triumphs.

How can the British Film Industry take things to the next level? If film studios start to ramp up production by investing in their own smaller budget films, can this truly be the greatest era for film we have seen yet?

The King's Speech trailer

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