Piers Morgan Demands Army To Quell London Riots

As rioting in London escalates, Piers Morgan among other media personalities turn to twitter with opinions on what has to be done. The media has fuelled the online buzz of the London riots, which has now become an international news story that continues to evovle. Riots have also spread to other cities including Birmingham.


Piers Morgan took to his twitter this evening to publicly support an army intervention to stop rioters who have burned buildings, set cars alight and robbed houses.

Piers Morgan -

"Cameron should order the army in tonight. I'm sure they'd relish the chance to protect British citizens on home soil from these thugs"


Whether you are in London or watching the news unfold from a far, I can't help but think this is only just the beginning. I experienced this back in 2005 in France, when the whole nation had to grapple with a month of rioting. Cars were burned in cities across the country and it was a very turbulent time. People were afraid to go outdoors at night and it affected our civil liberties. In a way, France was held hostage by a select few.


I understand people will be analysing this situation with many reflections but to bring in the army would send a clear signal to the world that the UK has lost control of this situation. It would be damaging for its credibility next year at the 2012 Olympic Games, and it shows the international community the nation's inability to respond to civil unrest.

As the news cycle continues to extrapolate eye witness accounts, it is clear that this is a very grave situation and I hope that anyone affected by this unrest avoids all confrontation.

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