Piers Morgan Debut with Oprah: Does host live up to expectations?

NEW YORK, USA - Piers Morgan's new CNN Primetime Show aired for the first time on Monday to mark a new era after Larry King Live.

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His first guest, Oprah Winfrey, couldn't be a bigger star, with over a billion-dollar fortune, and a brand new network of her own.

Does Piers live up to the hype of replacing crooner Larry King after 25 years on CNN?

The British host has been hyping up the show with his own opinions, particularly on people he wishes to interview. One of the biggest stories surrounding his new program has been his dislike for Madonna, one of the world s most iconic musicians.

His feelings for Madonna are well known, but has he crossed a line with the female audience he wants to attract with his beg my for forgiveness attitude?

Piers Morgan from Britain to America

We all know that despite the closeness of the two nations, the styles of presenting and talk shows are different to American programs.

Are Americans happy with a British host on a Primetime show, and would the British be pleased with an American taking over Jonathan Ross?

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