Piers Morgan bans Madonna from CNN TV show

LONDON, UK - Taking over from Larry King in 2011, British TV host Piers Morgan has already created a celebrity blacklist, starting with music icon Madonna.

Morgan, who is a judge on 'America's Got Talent' was not in the slightest concerned of his remarks to the Daily Express, as he called Madonna 'So boring', preferring Lady Gaga as her replacement.

Even with a top grossing world tour in 2009, and selling 200 million albums worldwide. It seemed she was almost forgotten. Madonna's spokesman responded to the statement: "As far as her being banned from Piers' new show, we can only hope and pray Madonna can survive such a terrible blow to her career." - onthredcarpet.com

Whilst Lady Gaga climbs the popularity ladder, Madonna has recently seen a dip in the past year. Although, after 20 years in the music business, no one can rule out her international appeal, except of course,  Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan on interviews

The British show host has said that he would prefer to interview people such as 'controversial' Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan, or the ultimate; President Obama.

As Larry King Live comes to a close, CNN will be getting a whole new program and with that, a whole new set of rules. While Piers Morgan will have a primetime show that will be centre stage for special interviews, no one can tell if the new show will be able to top Larry King and help CNN climb once more.

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