Pierce Brosnan turns into environmental James Bond

Pierce Brosnan turned to his blog this week to call for the public to support trade sanctions on Iceland, which is currently defying an international ban on commercial whaling.

The actor, who first portrayed James Bond in 1995 hit ‘Goldeneye’ is an outspoken critic of Iceland’s defiance of an international whaling ban, and called upon the US government and President Obama to impose sanctions.

While we wont see Brosnan dodging bullets as the famous British spy in the upcoming James Bond 23 movie, the actor’s remarks on whaling will be felt around the world. This kind of activism is just what environmental groups and conservationists have been looking for. It will also be harder for people to ignore this fact with the media response generated from this article.

Pierce Brosnan : “Iceland is not only flouting the ban on whaling, it is depleting whale populations at an alarming rate. It's practically begging to be sanctioned.”

What do you think about Pierce’s activism on whaling?

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