Philip Dorling : Breakthrough film director makes his mark

Jesse Eisenberg and Tracy Morgan in 'Why Stop Now'

New York Film Academy graduate makes it big

Philip Dorling set out an ambitious goal when he decided to pursue a career in filmmaking. He wanted his first feature film to be completed by the time he was 25. From that point onward, he devised a strategy on how to achieve it, but it wasn't going to be an easy task.

Four years down the road and his first feature length film 'Why Stop Now' has been released starring some of Hollywood's top acting talent.

How did he do it?

Prior to his success this year, Dorling completed several internships and worked as an art director on indie short films. He was then given the opportunity to work on Phillipe Petit’s 'Man On Wire', as his assistant. That experience gave him direction on where he could take his career and he decided to get more practical experience behind the camera.

Dorling enrolled at the New York Film Academy and completed a 1-year filmmaking conservatory course that was mostly hands-on, allowing him to focus on the craft before going into pre-production for his movie and building his dream team. His thesis film 'Predisposed' which premiered at Sundance was the foundation of his debut feature 'Why Stop Now'.

Synopsis: A college piano prodigy attempts to get his drug abusing mother into rehab but gets taken hostage by her dealer.

The comedy feature is directed and written by Philip Dorling and Ron Nyswaner. Thanks to the momentum of his debut feature, Dorling now has the attention of Hollywood's biggest names. The young director is currently preparing his second feature.

Opening at the IFC on August 17th, 'Why Stop Now' stars Melissa Leo, Tracy Morgan and Jesse Eisenberg who played Mark Zuckerberg in David Fincher's highly acclaimed 'The Social Network'.

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