Patrick Bergin to star in adaptation of London Alfred Hitchcock play

Playwright Scott Fivelson's Dial L for Latch-Key is set to be produced for the screen by Victory Films, starring Patriot Games actor Patrick Bergin.

Fans of the films of Alfred Hitchcock, as well as those who like their crime served up comically, will discover the wonders of a one-act comedy mystery in Dial L for Latch-Key . Fivelson's play will be running at the popular London fringe venue, the Etcetera Theatre on Camden High Street, Feb. 22-26 at 7:30 p.m. and Feb. 27th at 6:30p.m.

The playwright s witty visit to the world of Hitchcock features a conniving husband reminiscent of the late great Ray Milland at his most cad-ish, an eleganced-out Hitchcock blonde simply called 'G,' a  brilliant, if absurd Inspector straight out of Monty Python, and a film critic who overstays his welcome. He s known as The Man Who Knew Too Much About Hitchcock.

The play is being directed and produced by Nick Pelas. Pelas own Hitchcock homage, A Certain Library in Bath, had a successful run at the Etcetera Theatre last year.

Also an author and screenwriter, Scott Fivelson wrote American Reel, a riff with heart about the music business, starring the late David Carradine, Michael Maloney, and Mariel Hemingway.

This time Grace Kelly doesn t dial M for murder. She accidentally dials L for Latch-Key.

Scott Fivelson's play, 'Dial L for Latch-Key,' will  be published in paperback and eBook editions by Hen House Press, available March 15th.

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