Paramount Pictures debuts Paranormal 3 Activity Trailer

Paramount Pictures have just released the official Paranormal 3 Activity Trailer, which gives us a glimpse of the low budget horror franchise in its 3rd outing. This is the kind of filmmaking we rarely see at the box office and I want to highlight it here.

The trailer brings us back to the childhood of our main protagonists: Katie and Kristi in a hand-held, home video style montage. The year is 1988, and the two sisters are doing what most young girls do in their free time; play and have fun. However, that innocence draws us to what really caused their family to be haunted by the demon. Could this be the thrilling climax fans have been waiting for?

It is no secret that the franchise has been immensely successful. The original Paranormal Activity released in 2009 grossed over $195 million worldwide and the sequel, $176 million. On top of that, the total budget of the original movie was just $15 million, proving to be immensely successful as a competitor to major motion pictures. Paramount has cleverly produced these movies with strong storytelling in the past for a horror loving audience, and we don’t often get to see that low-budget feel in theatres.

What I also find commendable, despite this being a 3rd outing is that the studio has chosen to give the horror genre a big voice with that ‘Dogma’ look. Movies on the lower end of the budget scale tend to not get made these days because there is such a huge risk, and often not a sufficient return. Big stars, and explosions don’t always appeal to audiences, but indie movies rarely get a shot. Digital piracy is also hurting filmmakers around the world who make independent films, but don’t manage to sell their films because of an industry wide decline in DVD sales and other formats. There are many film lovers out there who enjoy watching low budget style movies, and studios could turn a big profit if they can diversify their releases within the spirit of the Paranormal Activity Movies.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Paranormal Activity 3?

Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer

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