PACT: Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television

PACT is dedicated to securing and promoting commercial interests in various media sectors. It is already at the service of over 450 companies across the UK. 

 “It´s worth every penny of the membership fee for the peace of mind of knowing we have such a great organization fighting in out corner”. - Deborah Forrest, Head of Production, Studio Scotland Ltd

What is on offer?

PACT aims to improve the media working environment and represents its members on both regional and national levels. PACT has a council that meet monthly to talk and debate about the advances in the industry. There are also smaller committees that work on more specific zones.

Moreover, PACT offers one-to-one guidance on subjects such as music rights, working with children regulations, employment and tax issues. As well as this, it also ensures people are constantly up to date with new regulations, industry news and policy campaigns.

Other Services

  • An online categorized document library so you can look at contracts, policies, trade agreements and much more.
  • Search efficiently through the members of PACT to find law, business affairs or accountancy firms.
  • FAQs

According to each company profile, PACT offers different types of membership

  • TV and Multi-platform Membership: aimed at companies working for television, children or animation media
  • Film Membership: for companies producing feature films
  • Digital Membership: aimed at digital media content or services
  • Professional Services: designed for companied who are not involved in production but offer services in the media sectors


  • Varied seminars & workshops
  • Campaigns on various domains such as Intellectual Property Rights, Digital Technology and International Sector Issues.
  • UK Indies Stand at MIPCOM in Cannes in April and October
  • Sheffield Documentary Festival in June

“If you´re running an independent production complain in the UK, you have to be a member of Pact”. (Cat Lewis, Nine Lives Media)