Obama music videos more influential than town hall meetings

LOS ANGELES, USA - Obama is appealing to his young supporters with an MTV and BET Town hall meeting next week, but does it have the same impact on us?

When Bill Clinton appeared on MTV back in 1992 on 'Eye to Eye', the channel was at the height of its TV popularity, but things have changed. MTV no longer shows music videos on its main channels, instead opting in for reality TV shows. The MTV generation of the 90s has switched to youtube and the internet now dominates pop culture.

During the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama gained tremendous support from young voters using twitter, facebook, and other social media. In 2010 social media has become so saturated that the actual viewership per tweet is declining rapidly.

Music videos, however, have a huge following on video sharing sites. Many Obama videos, spoofs, and tributes have reached millions of viewers. A music video collaboration with music artists and Obama himself, could be the next Presidential campaigning revolution we are waiting to see.

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