Nuclear weapons often in movies, but what about power plants?

The Japanese Earthquake has raised serious concern as the Fukushima nuclear power plant could be in the process of a meltdown.


Often in thriller/action movies, bad guys possess nuclear weapons and are ready to inflict chaos, but do power plants pose an even greater risk?

The fears of the  Three Mile Island accident and Chernobyl are all too familiar, yet they have not been translated into big Hollywood blockbusters.

Sure the threat of a nuclear holocaust is a pretty scary thing, but what about a more likely, nuclear meltdown? With nuclear power widespread, and a more volatile 21st century environment, should Hollywood studios turn to a more scary and realistic possibility?

Not that we want to encourage fear in society, but movies often play with that possible reality for entertainment. Would you be offended if a disaster film was based around a nuclear meltdown?

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