Now For A Short History...

le grand actoin

For the first time the European Independent Film Festival will be held at the cinema Le Grand Action, in the heart of Paris' intellectual hub, the Latin Quarter. The site is currently a honeypot for cinephiles, but through the centuries has housed a club during the Revolution, a ballroom and a theatre before starting life as an independent cinema in the mid-20th century. In the 60s the panoramic screen was installed in the Salle Henri Langlois, to which students of the Sorbonne flocked to admire the latest works of the Nouvelle Vague as well as the Hollywood hits. After changing hands and names down the decades (it spent a considerable time as the "Jean Cocteau"), it was revamped by the Action company in 1983. To this day it remains an emblematic centre for a varied programme of screenings and events as well as a social hub, fully equipped with Le Grand Bar, in which to debate film in the typically animated french fashion. Be on the look-out soon for information on how to get tickets to join us for the fifth edition of CU at this unique venue!

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