No Romance for Brad Pitt on Cogan's Trade

Yet another ridiculous rumour suggests Brad Pitt and actress Bella Heathcote hooked up on the set of Cogan's Trade .

With the Jennifer Aninston rumours already beyond breaking point, the cycle of romantic tales seem to be never ending for the Hollywood star.

There might be more gossip than fact in entertainment news stories regarding Brad Pitt in 2011 than ever before. It might be time for Brad Pitt to start hosting his own show to give the media something to talk about.

Compared with 2010, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have remained low key in the daily news cycle as the focus turns to younger Hollywood.

With this latest rumour, USmagazine's Angelina Jolie source said : Bella has never even met Brad. She is in the movie but doesn't have any scenes with him.

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