Nick Stahl confirmed missing

Nick Stahl in Sin City
Troubled actor Nick Stahl is once again missing after abandoning his rehab treatment against the advice of his doctors.

The 'Terminator 3' star has struggled these past years with drug addiction and went missing for a week in May but later resurfaced. However this time, friends and family have no idea where the actor is and according to the latest report about his whereabouts, the actor was last seen on Thursday night.

Nick Stahl's wife Rose Murphy issued a statement to E! News stating that he had been missing for four days.

Stahl is best known for his role as John Connor in 2003 hit 'Terminator 3' opposite Schwarzenegger. He also played the dubious Roark Jr in Frank Miller's Sin City, directed by Robert Rodriguez.

If anyone knows Nick Stahl's whereabouts please let authorities know.

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