New Chinese language online musical comedy drama series “Life as a Summer Flower” begins pre-production


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“Life as a Summer Flower,” a new Chinese language musical comedy drama series, is set to shoot in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia as the production gets the green light.

Taking place in the Liang period in Ancient China, “Life as a Summer Flower” follows the story of Pingyuan Xue, who was born into a peasant family and rises up against all the odds to find her true love. After being overcome with a powerful vision, she goes forth to become a legendary female warrior, meeting the Emperor who she falls for, but she then discovers she’s being used for different motives - and has to go on a journey of discovering herself. In her quest, she forms a close bond with the people, and along the way, meets a man who will change her life forever.

With an original soundtrack that combines Chinese and Western aesthetics, and romantic Chinese melodies, the online drama series will be set 1500 years ago in Ancient China and aims to encourage and inspire audiences as they are taken on a magical journey through the series.

Backed by Liu Entertainment (L Enter Pty Ltd) and led by Lili Liu, the film is based on an adaptation of a novel written by Xiaolin Shen. The production will be shot in different locations in Australia with auditions for actors taking place this November. Renowned fashion designer Athanasia Sue is also attached to the picture, and will design original costumes for the production. 

Filming is scheduled to commence in early 2021 with a crowdfunding campaign being launched to support the film with a number of supporter options available ranging from $10-$2500 for Associate Producers. The Chinese-Language film will also be subtitled in English.

Discover more about "Life as a Summer Flower" here. You can also support the film through the online campaign.

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