Nazis invented 3D films before Hollywood according to new discovery

Nazi propaganda was rife before World War 2 and film was just one of the many tools at the regime s disposal. But in a recent discovery, it would appear the Nazis had made 3D films way before they were commercialized in the west.

According to Australian filmmaker Philippe Mora, two Nazi propaganda films recently uncovered were shot in 3D for the Third Reich in 1936. This would mean that stereoscopic movies came out 16 years ahead of Hollywood when they were commercialized in 1953.

Some of the most transformational films in the early days of cinema come from the Nazi and Soviet era, where propaganda films were the weapon of opinion.

The use of propaganda has changed somewhat since the pre war era, however the early birth of the format gave way to more developed political tools using film.

Today propaganda is everywhere, from advertisements, infomercials and political campaigns to music videos. Film is after all a very influential medium.

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