National Donut Day : Homage to Doughnut one liners

Whether it's donuts or Doughnuts (we can't tell), they are part of the fabric of American culture and their tasty, classic appeal, has been an on screen marvel for decades.

As part of National Donut Day we have decided to give our respect to all donut references in movies that have formed some of our favourite on-screen moments. The cliché of the Doughnut is present in our motion picture history and you know, there's always a cop somewhere dunkin' that thing….and who can forget Homer's obsession?

Top donut filled one liners:

1: “Donuts don’t wear alligator shoes.” - Michael Jai White in 'Black Dynamite'

2: "Those are government donuts, my friend. It's not easy work." - F. Murray Abraham in 'Last Action Hero' opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger

3: "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to exit the doughnut," - Samuel L Jackson in Iron Man 2

Do you have any donut references you think are just way cooler and more in your face than these examples we've given above? Let us know! Send us your donuts!

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