Nashville wins big thanks to CMA Festival and Taylor Swift

CMA Music Fest

CMA Music Festival Logo

The CMA Music Festival brought fun and joy to the city of Nashville this year, and raked in a whopping $30 million.

In its 40th year, the CMA Music Festival was a big showcase for the industry, as the media buzz surrounding the event was non-stop. The event brought with it over 60,000 fans, and hotels were fully booked, local tourism flourished and restaurants were packed.

The fun of the CMA Music Festival was highlighted in many magazines and press outlets. Taylor Swift was the big headliner of the event, and guaranteed an extra income for the city as fans booked their trips.

Butch Spyridon, CEO and President of the Nashville Convention:

"It was a huge win for the city and a great way to celebrate the event's 40th anniversary."
- Nashville Magazine

It is true that big music festivals and media events give a great boost to local tourism and the added prestige helps the local economy not only during the event, but after.

Festivals like SXSW and CMA also bring people together with common interests. Let's hope to see more niche festivals and music events taking place across the country in the future.

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