Must watch : Star Trek Video of captain Picard screaming & singing

A new Star Trek video uploaded by 'GuruMediator' shows a remixed version of captain Picard singing with a robotic voice and screaming gibberish as he speaks with his ship's crew. (video below)

The video starts out with a scene of Jean-Luc Picard boring his crew with a monologue about a scientific workshop which soon turns into a 'robotic' remix. As the track develops, Picard becomes increasingly unstable, and the editing takes on a new kind of 'warp speed', only to climax into what you could describe as a scream tune.

Star Trek : The Robotic / Hypnotic remix

Fast forward to about 30 seconds in if you can't wait for the track to begin. 1 minute later the song speeds up and Picard becomes erratic, crazy and screams.

Although this is not the first time we've seen a Star Trek remix, the video is notable as the editing and the acceleration of the song mix well to give us a hilarious, over-the-top experience.

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