Has the MTV VMAs lost credibility as an Awards Show?

MTV VMAs 2011

MTV has been at the forefront of the music industry since 1981 but with its shift entirely towards reality TV, it’s difficult for fans of the network to see how the VMAs fit in with their normal programming. Sure, the VMAs are a huge awards ceremony for the industry including top performances and a dazzling showcase for viewers, but don’t you get the feeling that the MTV brand is fading out?

People now watch music online, and since there is such a diverse range of music videos accessible to anyone with an internet connection, the days where MTV dominated are long gone. In fact, as a music brand, I feel that this decade will mark the end of the MTV generation, and launch a new era of online video watching for young audiences. Do the VMAs somehow fit into that even if we don't watch MTV anymore?

MTV as a brand has made a shift online with MTV Networks websites, and news, but music video programming is what made it iconic to me, and sadly, it doesn’t have that special thing about it anymore. I also feel let down seeing shows like ‘Jersey Shore’ dominate its ‘trendy’ new lineup of programs, which has nothing to do with music. When I watch the VMAs I look back at the legacy of MTV, and see that the name itself no longer holds that special value. When it comes to supporting artists today, the only network that can really make a difference is called 'youtube'.

Without the VMAs, does MTV still have a music related brand? As an avid fan of the network for the past 10 years, I hate to say, it’s coming to an end. But we already knew that.

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