Model Bar Refaeli launches Kickstarter sex tape campaign


Want to fund a HD sex tape with Bar Refaeli?

Model Bar Rafaeli is asking donors to help fund a sex tape via Kickstarter to make one of her dreams come true.

The funny campaign, promoted by Funny or Die features Bar Refaeli in interview format asking her peers to get in on the action and donate to her worthy cause. In the video, she explains how she needs high production values for the tape, and offers donors the chance to be shortlisted as the lucky man or woman to 'act' in the movie with her.

This is the first time a sex tape has been 'marketed' through Kickstarter, although, if you look at the url link below, you will see that the spoof page has some 'errors' on it. Did she really raise that much money in no time at all?

"I need your help to make my real dream come true…just to be clear, this would be a tape of me having sex with some dude..."

"I know what you're thinking…who would want to watch that…but maybe a small audience would want to watch me having sex..".

"I'm hoping to possibly raise 10,000 dollars"

What you will get if you fund the sex tape

According to Refaeli, the more cash you give, the higher the token of reward you will receive:

  • For $50, you will get an autographed picture of her having sex
  • For $200 you can visit the set
  • For $1000 you can be the lucky girl or guy in the video having sex with her

Find out more about the project : Kickstarter sex tape

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