Miles Fisher's viral Spoof mocks Final Destination 5

In an age of spoofing and viral videos, Miles Fisher of “Final Destination 5” pays homage to the classic TV series “Saved by the Bell” with an added gory twist. The ‘90s-inspired spoof features Fisher and his fellow Final Destination co-stars getting into deadly mishaps while preparing for the big dance.

Set to Fisher’s own pop single “New Romance,” the music video starts off as a bubble-gum version of high school in the ‘90s. This innocent depiction is shattered when fellow “Final Destination” star Ellen Wroe is comically crushed by a row of lockers. The stage is set for the rest of this tragicomedy, which even features a re-creation of Jessie Spano’s notorious caffeine pill binge.

“"The filmmakers did a great job of lighting the set to look like a 90's sitcom."”

Explains In A Place Post Colorist Milton Adamou. “

"That always helps, because you are not fighting the inherent qualities of the image. “My approach was to come up with some presets that enabled me to brighten up the cast and the foreground without clipping the white walls behind them. I also cranked up the saturation while making sure the skin tones were unaffected,” explains Adamou. “It's a fine balance, and unless you retain a little bit on contrast in the image you can end up with a washed-out picture!”"

To learn more about the color correction process on the “New Romance” video produced by In a Place Productions you can visit Milton Adamou’s blog here

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