Mercedes turns to Star Trek and James Bond to reveal new car

It's the perfect marketing spin-off for a brand new car : An invisible cloak. Mercedes-Benz is using special technology to render it's latest F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell powered car invisible.

If you recall the concept of a cloaked car in ‘Die Another Day’ or the famous fictional cloaking device that renders a Star Trek ship invisible, well now you can start to believe it. The idea of an invisibility cloak has circulated for decades. It’s the ultimate weapon of disguise, and fans of Star Trek, and even Harry Potter have been given a fictional taste of its application.

This year, Mercedes have created an invisibility cloak using flexible LED mats which they have placed on their newest B-Class model to reproduce the background image of its surroundings. Using a camera mounted on the opposite side of the car, the image is sent back to the LED panel which blends the background whilst the car is in motion. The gimmick is far from cheap, costing an estimated $260,000 but the manufacturer has certainly captured the imagination of the web, and of people walking by this real-life Bond/Star Trek car.

Mercedes-Benz : The Invisible Car

The invisible car promo has gone viral in just one week with over 7 million views.

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