Mel Gibson to get a boost at Cannes Film Festival?

Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster are expected to attend Cannes Tuesday for the premiere of ‘The Beaver’, which has so far under whelmed at the US Box Office.

The fortunes of the once untouchable Mel Gibson have turned in recent months due to the controversy with his former girlfriend. Jodie Foster has continued to support the troubled actor even though critics are keen to sink his career further.

‘The Beaver’ is a smart move for Gibson, because it shows a more sensitive side to the actor, which Foster wanted to show audiences. After the Lethal Weapons, Mad Max franchises, Gibson turned to directing, with ‘The Passion Of The Christ’ a big international success. Since that time, he has focused on other projects, and made a comeback to action in the recent ‘The Edge Of Darkness’. The film underperformed but don’t count Mel Gibson out just yet.

Although ‘The Beaver’ is unlikely to become a huge success at the Box Office, it may help Gibson to be out of Hollywood when ‘The Beaver’ screens in Cannes next week.

The Beaver Trailer

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