Mel Gibson to become a Jewish hero with Warner Bros?

Mel Gibson may have his court settlements behind him, but can the maverick actor and renowned director make a winning project to put him back in the game?

The Oscar winner has long defended his remarks he made a few years back that were anti-semitic, and now he is developing a film about the life of Judah Maccabee with his own Icon Productions and Warner Bros. Judah Maccabee is the story of a warrior whose victory in ancient times was celebrated by Hanukkah. Maccabee along with his four brothers and father led a Jewish revolt against the armies of Greece and Syria.

With a history of religious controversy, Gibson is the ideal man to portray this epic in front and behind the camera. Talented screenwriter Joe Eszterhas will write the screenplay for the film. Will the ‘Passion Of The Christ’ director now turn things around? It is also likely Gibson will star in the movie but no word yet on whether it will be a leading role.

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