Megaupload made a martyr


Megaupload has been personified and turned into a symbol of freedom of expression on the internet. Since its closure, social forums such as Twitter have turned into debate platforms in which people have expressed their views showing how much their habitudes on the net have changed:

-  Jeanette Hayes ‏ 

“Why doesn’t anything come up on google for: "Hunger games watch free online US link" yet ? The internet is slow . i miss you megaupload :( “

- J.H.P

megaupload, I miss you. I dislike purchasing music. I haven't done that in years”.

The U.S. Justice Department shut down the Megaupload sites on the 19th/20th January 2012 for infringing copyright. The owners were consequently arrested and are now facing court cases. Opinions expressed on Twitter are largely in favour of Kim Dotcom and against the US government´s actions.

Deane Rimerman

“Kim Dotcom is gonna destroy MPAA´s case against him. They messed with the wrong guy!”


“Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom breaks silence, calls charges <nonsense>”

Audiovisual sites including Megavideo, Megabox, Megapix, Megaporn and financial sites including Megafund, Megakey and Megapay have all been closed. This Hong Kong based company is thought to have made about $42m in 2010. Kim Dotcom often relished in a lavish life-style to the extent that he had a car number plate stating he was “GOD”.

One of the largest cases of violating piracy rules is underway and who knows who may be dragged into the Megaupload affair…

- Joseph V

“Anecdote: Government organizations hosted almost 2 terabytes on, while the military hosted almost 100 terabytes.”

- Matthew Davis

“MEGAUPLOAD has 15,634 accounts owned by members of the US military, 1058 accounts by government officials”.

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