Meet Indie Filmmakers: GODFORSAKEN

Jamil Dehlavi is an independent filmmaker of Pakistani and French origin. He studied film directing at Columbia University in New York and in 1975 he wrote, directed, and produced his first movie Towers of Silence. Since then Dehlavi films have released eight other movies, the latest being Godforsaken. Godforsaken is an intense thriller which follows a fallen angel who is forced to live with the consequences of allowing a child under his care to die for the good of the world.

Q: What inspired the film?

The film was inspired by a novella written by Yolaine Destremau, a friend of mine who is a French writer. As we developed the project, the screenplay evolved and the final result is quite different from the original work.

Q: The production values of the film are of a very high standard. Was it an expensive movie to make?

You should never ask a film producer what his film cost, he will always lie to you. However, I ll let you into a secret if you promise not to tell. My film was made on a microscopic budget. After all these years of filmmaking, I've learned to put whatever little available money there is on the big screen.

Q: There is obviously a strong religious presence in the film. Does it have a message?

The message is that there is a fine line between good and evil.

Q: The angel in your movie is pretty badass. Do you think angels are that tough?

The angel kills a little girl who is destined to cause the deaths of thousands and restores its soul to her mother in the body of another child. He believes that what he is doing is right. Does that exonerate him from guilt?

Q: Was it difficult finding a man beautiful enough to play an angel?

Casting for the part was not easy. I auditioned a number of actors until I met Nick Ashdon who I felt had the right aura to interpret the role.

Q: Are you working on any new projects at the moment?

Yes, I m starting a new film AN ATOM S WEIGHT. It's the story of an Arab sheikh's daughter who escapes an arranged marriage in Dubai to study medicine in London and the devastating repercussions on her family and friends.

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