Media Reaction to MTV Skins TV series

MTV Skins is facing an uphill battle to impresses critics who are branding the show as borderline Child Porn , promoting underage teen sex, drugs and alcohol abuse.

So far, MTV have stuck to their programming and there is no sign of the corporation turning around despite a call from the PTC (Parents Television Council) to get the US Government to investigate.

Whether you are for or against the series, there is an overwhelmingly sense that whatever happens, ratings will go up for the show. As of today, 6 advertisers have dropped out of the series and more could follow.

When a network faces a negative response of its programming should it pull it off the air? CBS faced the same issue with Charlie Sheen, however his private life does not affect the quality of the programming.

MTV s programming in this case is the culprit, not the celebrity who stars in it so let s see if the series faces further pressure or is allowed to continue.

Reaction to MTV Skins series

Man, what are we coming to when even 15-year-olds are sexualized on TV and actors who can't drive a car or buy a beer are filmed in sexual situations for national consumption?

MTV used to stand for something - a realistic, if sometimes raw, portrayal of teenage life and culture.  Now, more than ever, MTV officials need to stand up to the Parents Television Council and its push to get advertisers to flee "Skins.  It's all a bunch of poop, really. - NYDailyNews

But maybe all the negative hype is a good thing for "Skins?  After all, MTV set out to create a salacious, candid portrait of teenage hormones and abandonment, for which the controversy surely helped draw last week's 3.3 million viewers for the show's debut. Seattle Blog

"The whole controversy around Skins raises a lot of questions, what it is that constitutes obscenity, whether the age of the actors or the age of the characters is the biggest issue, what didactic and morally instructive expectations we expect fiction for and about minors to have." - Time

"I realize that what parent-watchdog organizations, scared sponsors, and I are criticizing are different things: They think bad behavior among teens portrayed by actual teens is appalling and perhaps a violation of child pornography laws; I think the crime of MTV s Americanized version of Skins is that it s so prettified and trite." -EW

Denise Richards : What is Skins?? Are these minors having sex?? This is the first I heard about a show with it... if that s the case I think it s disgusting. - TorontoSun

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