Matt Damon takes on real life grizzly bear

Matt Damon took action to the next level on the set of his latest film 'We Bought a Zoo' when a grizzly bear became his co-star.

The 'stunt bear' was a dramatic escalation to Damon's already dangerous on set career. With the help of handlers, and a security team, the trained bear started to pound his claws on Damon's car in a scene in his upcoming film based on the story of Benjamin Bee. His character's family buy's a Zoological Park in England to save it from closure. Everything else is up to the imagination of 20th Century Fox.

Working with animals is a lengthy and difficult process that requires the best trained expertise. Achieving on set stunt work with animals has been part of Hollywood movie making, but there are always risks.

Will Matt Damon finish this movie unscathed or eaten? Let's hope so.

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