Matt Damon was right to defend teachers


Matt Damon lost his cool when a reporter suggested that having job insecurity was a good incentive to work harder. He also went on to defend teachers who he said were on "sh**** salaries" and chose to work long hours irrespective of tenure.

The short interview snippet with Damon at the 'Save Our Schools March' has close to a million views since it was uploaded on Sunday and has raised even more awareness of the event thanks to the controversy.

In my view, Damon was right to fire back about job insecurity because in reality if you like the job you are doing, why would you get lazier at it, knowing that it's a secure? In fact, why would you do the job in the first place? Job insecurity only comes from not having a job or doing a job you don't like, knowing that you want to change it as soon as possible.

If we look at the acting profession, do actors really work harder to find jobs or work harder to be better actors, then find a job? Often the second applies first. You can't be a good actor if you don't work on your craft, so of course you are always going to struggle to get auditions if you don't have a skill.

What do you think? Are you motivated by job insecurity or by the job you want to do?

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