Maria Shriver Divorce from Schwarzenegger Most Costly Ever?

Maria Shriver has filed for divorce that will end her 25 year marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who secretly fathered a love child for over 10 years.

The settlement is anticipated to be one of the biggest in entertainment history, as Arnold Schwarzenegger will most likely have to split his earnings from his Hollywood movies since 1986.

However, according to the divorce papers filed in a Los Angeles court, there was no indication that Schwarzenegger nor Maria Shriver has a prenuptial agreement that would divide their wealth.

When news came out earlier this spring about Arnold's secret affair, the painful revelation sent shock-waves through the media, as Arnie had just finished his two terms as California Governor. What if it had been made public during his term in office? Countless gossip stories shrouded the Schwarzenegger family including conspiracies on Arnie's other potential secrets yet to be revealed.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver have 4 children, two of which are minors, aged 13 and 17. Maria Shriver is seeking joint custody of her two younger sons.

With the couple's personal fortune estimated to be around $480 million, don't be surprised if this divorce settlement enters the 'hall of fame' as the biggest settlement we've seen in the entertainment business.

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