Make money with your blogs

Make money with your blogs

-             Become an expert

Are you an expert in your field? Do you know something we don t? Tell us about it, share your ideas and create your audience. As your blogs become more visible and have a larger following you can link your blogs to your expert consulting website.

-             Add your mailing list

Your blogs are all about you. Why not add an embeddable mailing list to your updates? Keep people updated on what your doing and find new potential clients who need to know more. You can also sell advertising and products through your growing list of subscribers.

-             Affiliates

You can embed your own affiliate program into your blogs. People reading might know others who could be interested in your expertise, knowledge or products. Reward them. Get an account with an affiliate marketing website and start selling!

-             Sell your merchandising

Merchandising is a great way to build revenues from your work. Whether your are an artist, musician, filmmaker, you can always encourage your readers to buy your products.

-             Sponsors

Are your blogs getting some serious readership? Is your topic a niche? (digital photos, filmmaking?)

Approach companies selling products relating to your blog s content. Give them a banner space at the top of your article. You choose how much you charge, but be warned, you need a good viewership before you can realistically do this (500+ people a day)

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