Madonna joins Lars Von Trier in Nazi references

Madonna goes Nazi in France

Another celebrity has fallen to Hitler's bad image, as Madonna takes the heat for using a swastika and a moustache reference in a video that mocks France's far right party.

Madonna showed her controversial video at a concert in Paris on Saturday night at the Stade de France which featured cut aways of famous faces morphing into each other, including Marine Le Pen, the far right leader. As her face appears in the montage it switches over to Madonna who appears with Hitler's moustache.

The controversial Hitleresque homage has been condemned by the far right party in France who have vowed to take their complaint about the video to the French courts next week.

However, in stark contrast, France's anti racism group SOS Racisme has supported Madonna's move and defended her publicly. This is not the same treatment as Lars Von Trier received when he joked about Hitler at the Cannes Film Festival last year. He was banned for life after his remarks went global.

Despite these two different situations, it would seem that whenever Hitler, or Nazism is used in pop or movie culture, it always turns bad in the end. If you want my opinion : Be controversial without Hitler, because he's just bad news for anyone.

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