Lucasfilm rep says George Lucas thinks the world is flat

George Lucas recently joked about the world coming to an end in 2012, but when he spoke at length to Seth Rogen about it, many believe it is his real opinion.

The Star Wars creator has been an iconic figure in the film industry for creating the world's most elaborate and successful franchise. Everything about Lucas, to some, is unconventional and out of this world , but you would need to be, to be so imaginative.

Lynee Hale, a rep for Lucasfilm spoke with Wired about the incident and revealed some interesting facts about George's beliefs :

He was not serious when he talked about the end of the world in 2012 but he is an adamant believer that the world is flat, that Stonehenge was built by aliens, and that the sun revolves around the Earth.

Indiana Jones 5 is currently in development with Lucas set to feature some famous dead actors and legendary singer Elvis Presley and Harrison Ford.

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