Reaction to Lenny Kravitz cast in Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games

When news broke of Lenny Kravitz getting cast in 'The Hunger Games' twitter fans reacted instantly with love, hate, and comedy.

Where else can you debate such an intriguing casting, especially as he will play stylist Cinna in the film, which stars Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence.

The best selling trilogy penned by Suzanne Collins has a huge fan base online, and as the film goes intro production, people will be wandering whether the rocker can stay true to Cinna in the book.

Lionsgate, which is producing the new film adaptation made the announcement via twitter yesterday. As opposed to a press release, this is proof alone that twitter is now a primary source of news headlines, faster than CNN or the BBC. Although they won't admit it in public, its impossible for any media agency to compete with first hand breaking news. Especially as it takes less than 10 seconds to tell the world.

Are you bemused by this casting? Does Debra Zane, the movie's casting director have the vision of the director in this choice? Let's hope Lenny Kravitz can make a memorable performance, at least for the fans of Suzanne Collins.

Reaction to Lenny Kravitz's casting

"I have a feeling many fans are scratching their heads over this casting but, oddly enough, Lenny is almost exactly what I imagined for the role" - MTV (Amy Wilkinson)

"The Grammy-winning singer—who was ever so delish in Precious, remember?—has been cast as Cinna, Katniss Everdeen's awesome stylist, in The Hunger Games. The guy sure knows how to dress in real life, anyway..." - E Online

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