Larry King says Kardashians a huge mistake on Piers Morgan tonight

Larry King lashed out at Piers Morgan for having interviewed the Kardashians and Charlie Sheen on CNN's primetime show.

The Former CNN host is well respected for his 25 year career on TV, but his recent comments about Piers Morgan Tonight are so brutal we just couldn't ignore them.

Larry King - : "It's like watching your mother-in-law go over a cliff in your new Bentley... the agony and the ecstasy."

The Kardashians proved to be a turn off to viewers for the show, despite their huge following, and even with high profile guests, CNN ratings are headed in a downward spiral.

However, in a turn of evets for Piers Morgan Tonight it would seem the show is recovering and ratings are at their highest for the 9pm slot in a year. Larry King may not approve of the show's guests nor of its direction, but the host has respect for Piers himself. Although, if you don't like the show, surely you would have a problem with the host? Is this not a contradiction in terms?

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