Lady Gaga looks up to Madonna at Cannes Film Festival

Lady Gaga kick started the Cannes Film Festival by performing ‘Judas’ live on France’s ‘Grand Journal’ show followed by a Q and A in front of huge crowd.

The ‘Beauty Queen’ answered questions about her career and personal beliefs, including references to religion in her fashion, which was translated into French on air.

With a subdued start, and a ‘low budget’ feeling to the 64th Cannes Film Festival, Gaga’s performance was definitely a highlight for day 1.

Lady Gaga: “I wanted to be the most successful female singer. I love the tangible nature of music… I’m now the vehicle for the voice of my fans.

Responding to questions about Madonna and whether she had ‘overtaken’ her as an artist, Gaga was humbled and said she would first need another 10 to 12 albums behind her to get anywhere near that level of prestige:

“I don’t believe that. I have a very long way to go”

Gaga also revealed about her frustrations with photographers who insist on calling her Stefani, but admitted that her family and friends didn’t refer to her as ‘Lady Gaga’.

Responding to her desire to wear crazy costumes, and whether her extravagance was more for show she said.

“I am like this all the time, I always was, and I never want it to be over… I usually fall asleep in my makeup.”

Lady Gaga Judas Music Video


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