Lady Gaga features on Spex magazine with no makeup

Lady Gaga features on the July/August issue of Spex Magazine with no makeup, fancy hairdo, or egg, in another daring attempt at making headlines.

The natural look on the German magazine's front cover proves the artist is not afraid to show her 'true self' in front of the camera, although she admits to despising photographers who always ask her to be herself.

Lady Gaga recently sang at the French X Factor equivalent and has been promoting her new album 'Born This Way'. The pop queen received some bad news in the past week with her 2nd week album sales, the highest drop in recording history for an artists with over 1 million sales in it's first week.

Will this cover shoot give Gaga a European foothold as the first truly 'natural' artist?

What do you think of Lady Gaga on Spex? Do you think it is real or should we call this a hoax?

(Photographed by Wolfgang Tillmans)

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