Lady Gaga Fame cover for Eau de Parfum released

Lady Gaga Fame cover released

Lady Gaga has just released her Fame cover through her social network Little Monsters for Eau De Parfum....The fragrance poster shows Gaga lying down with a black mask partially nude with little people crawling around her body.

Gaga often chooses provocative poses for advertisements to give them the added 'controversial factor' and the subsequent marketing writes itself. It's pretty obvious to see why her look in this latest ad cover is defined to match the branding of the fragrance, and thanks to the power of her new social network; Gaga is now more than ever, a walking, talking, tweeting advertisement banner.

Lady Gaga original share:

The poster has already gone viral on social in less than 45 minutes and it's the first time that I've seen a celebrity use their own social network to market a product. It's definitely a first, but others have used blogs and websites to push out their new fragrances or products.

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