Lady Gaga and Madonna are cousins

Lady Gaga gave praise to Madonna at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week, but now it would seem she has a family tie.

According to celebrity genealogist Chris Child, Madonna and Lady Gaga are ninth cousins once removed. What does that mean? Well, sometime in the 17th century Lady Gaga and Madonna had common ancestors, apparently a farming couple that left France to move to Quebec in the 1600s.

With distant French/Canadian roots, Lady Gaga appears to be closer to Madonna than ever before, not just in her ‘music’, according to critics. The news has not yet been confirmed or denied by either star’s rep, but this is not the first time celebrities have had the odd family link.  It might be time to have a Gaga/Madonna song about being 'Cousins'.

What does this mean for the future of Lady Gaga, and Madonna? Will they be spending more time as a ‘family’ or is this news just too unreal to take seriously?

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