Lady Gaga album sales fall by record amount

Lady Gaga launched a media blitz for her 'Born This Way' album, but following her grand opening week, sales have fallen by a massive 84%.

The steep decline for Gaga was unprecedented in the Nielsen Soundscan History, as 'Born This Way' sold just 174,000 copies as opposed to 1,108,000 the previous week.

What does this mean for Lady Gaga's ambitious marketing attempts? The Gaga team will surely be at odds as to how this happened, and why they broke a record in declining album sales.

Lady Gaga managed to sell less albums this week than any other artist achieving over 1 million sales in its opening week of release. Her nearest competition is NSYNC, the band, who in 2001 had a 76% sales decline.

Does this mean the music industry is in trouble, or does the just affect Gaga? Despite the massive decline, she still managed to top album sales this week by over 50,000 units. Her closest competitor, Adele, sold 121,000 albums.

Lady Gaga Born This Way music video

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