Kickstarter is a revolution still in the making

Kickstarter has global potential

I am still in awe at how Kickstarter has changed the film industry. The wide variety of projects funded by global donors is truly inspirational to witness, but it’s still in the making.

We’ve seen some pretty exceptional projects that have passed the $1 million funding barrier, which just goes to show how much money is being put into this incredible platform. Just to be able to raise 1/10th of that amount through online donations is something the indie film community could not have envisaged just a few years back. However, the Kickstarter revolution is just beginning, as the company expands to the UK this fall, and potentially elsewhere afterwards. This could truly bring a global change to film and creative project funding. funding platform

I am very eager to see a Europe wide Kickstarter platform that could help people fund movies across the Eurozone bloc. Thanks to the common currency, European filmmakers could finally get online funds without the exhaustive process of individual government fund applications. It’s so hard to get a movie co-financed that the Kickstarter platform would take away all the red tape and give the power back to content creators. This is something that definitely needs to happen!

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