Kevin Smith to retire and help filmmakers after Red State?

PARK CITY, USA - 'Red State' got its Sundance Film Festival premiere today, but the controversial director who recently bashed Bruce Willis, wants to help filmmakers and retire.

After deciding to buy the rights to his own film for $20, Smith plans to do a US tour in 2011 to promote and sell the film directly to fans. Instead of signing a deal with a Hollywood distribution company the director wants to go low budget and travel from city to city starting in March.

While Red State is getting a lot of buzz for being a controversial horror film that goes too far down the 'dangerous religious' path, it might take more than a tour to recoup the cost of making it.

What might make this latest stunt to promote a movie slightly less than clever, is Smith challenging protesters of the film to a Battle of the Mega Gods. So inevitably, he may face some anti-sympathy when he goes on tour, but not from filmmakers.

After Red State Kevin Smith's Hit Somebody will be his last ever film. Will he turn to his indie filmmaking roots and support filmmakers with knowledge and money?

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