Keith Olbermann linked to HBO, Aaron Sorkin and a bid for senate

The aftermath to Keith Olbermann's dramatic MSNBC departure is still being felt by fans and critics, as the controversial host looks for new opportunity.

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While Olbermann may be getting little respect for Piers Morgan over on CNN, he is now making a bid to run in the senate in Connecticut it has been revealed. The popular show host may be set to replace Joe Lieberman, but the news doesn t stop there.

As if he would only want to run for the senate? According to another news site, Olbermann could be working on a comedy series with HBO as a writer and consultant.

Aaron Sorkin s next TV outing may have the blessing of Olbermann as he has had a long running project about a cable network show. The soon to be potential Oscar winner for the Social Network is receiving glowing reviews since his Golden Globe win. Will he team up with him?

Where will Olbermann go next?

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